Notice of periodic maintenance

Information Media Studies System will be temporarily stopped for periodic maintenance as follows.

Laboratory The Stop Period
(The Maintenance Period)
Lab all rooms From Feb. 27 to Feb. 28
All rooms are not available during the period
Center Laboratory From Feb. 21 to Feb. 22
Liberal Arts and Sciences /Sub-Labo A・B From Feb. 17 to Feb. 20
Liberal Arts and Sciences /CALL1~4 From Feb. 20 to Feb. 21(All Call system checks)
From Feb. 15 to Feb. 16(CALL1・CALL2)
From Feb. 16 to Feb. 17(CALL3・CALL4)
Liberal Arts and Sciences /Ace Labo From Feb. 9 to Feb. 10
Integrated Research Building for the Humanities and Social Sciences /
Room 304・Room 406
From Feb. 14 to Feb. 15
University Library Learning Commons /
・Seminar Room A・B
・Multipurpose Learning Area
・Group Learning Area
・Service Desk
From Mar. 8 to Mar. 9
University Library /
・4th floor Satellite lab
・Writing Support Area
From Mar. 7 to Mar. 8(4th floor Satellite lab)
From Mar. 7 to Mar. 9(Writing Support Area)
School of Agricultural Sciences /B327・B309 From Feb. 20 to Feb. 21
School of Engineering /
・IB Building, North Wing, 10F/IB102
・Engineering and Science Building,3F/ES031・ES032
From Feb.13 to Feb. 14(IB102)
From Mar. 6 to Mar. 7(ES031・ES032)
Graduate School of International Development/
Room 712
From Feb. 14 to Feb. 15
School of Science/Room 250 From Mar. 6 to Mar. 7
School of Medicine/
Medical Research Building Annex,Room 201
From Mar. 2 to Mar. 3
Department of Health Sciences at the School of Medicine /
Information Media Room(1)(2)
From Mar. 1 to Mar. 2

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please take and pass Information Security Training for New Students

When you pass on Information Security Training for New Students , campus information service becomes available.
All students must take the information security training for New Students.

Information Security Training Instructions