Printing (From the second half of 2019 academic year)

  • There is no free printer in the terminal room from the second half of 2019 academic year.
  • Existing printer will be replaced by the paid printer "Cloud On-Demand Print" provided by the university co-op.
  • To use the service "Cloud On-Demand Print" requires a copy card.
    Please buy a copy card at the co-op.

About Cloud On-Demand Print

  About Cloud On-Demand Print is a service that allows you to register data you want to print on a cloud server on the Internet and print it from a co-op printer in the university.
  You can print easily from your home computer or smartphone, as well as from university computer.
  This service is a technology of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., and university co-op will be deployed in Nagoya University.

(Reference) Cloud on demand service manual (Japanese Only)

【Users Guide】
STEP1:Data registration

  1. Please access the page.
  2. Enter user ID and password.
    User ID: 3cd-nanbu
    Password: insatsu
      * This User ID and Password are common to Nagoya University users.
  3. Specify a file you print and make print setting and then input 4 digit PIN code your own. Pin code is required when you print out, so please make sure not to forget.
  4. The 7 digit print reservation number is displayed on the screen. This number also required when you print out, so please make note.

STEP2:Printing on an on-demand printer(Operation of MFP)

  5.Select [Cloud On-Demand Print] .
  6.Enter 7 digit print reservation number and the 4 digit PIN code.
   The print data is downloaded and the preview will be displayed.
  7. Printed after confirmation and payment.