Nagoya University Mail System

While a member of Nagoya University (students and teaching staff members, etc.) is enrolled in Nagoya University, "Nagoya University Mail Service" is the service to which the mail address which can be used is offered. A mail address is USERID@* (* is 'a' and an alphabet of 'b' etc..)

I carry out security update from once a month 18:30. Service stops few minutes with OS reboot.

Nagoya University Mail System are automatically forwarded to the THERS Mail System (after September 6, 2021)

The “Tokai National Higher Education and Research System” (hereinafter called “THERS”) Account and Mail System have started to be distributed to the students and the faculty members of Nagoya University. And Nagoya University Mail System will be shifting to the THERS Mail System eventually. As a first step, it has been already set that the e-mails to Nagoya University Mail System are automatically forwarded to the THERS Mail System.

You can browse the e-mails to the Nagoya University Mail System via both of the Nagoya University Mail System and the THERS Mail System.

About the THERS Account and Mail System

After changing to a non-registered person

Transmission of e-mail becomes impossible from the day which became a non-registered person. You become a non-registered person, and if it is less than six months, reception and an inspection of e-mail are possible. User data will be deleted, if it becomes a non-registered person and six months pass.

Application for the Use of Nagoya University Mail

  • Please apply for the use of Nagoya University Mail from,
  • The person who has the whole school mail can confirm the mail address.
  • A screen of use application is shown to the person who doesn't have the whole school mail.
  • You are required to login using your Nagoya University ID to access the aforementioned website.

Use of Email Software

Use of Web Mail

The following URL is useful when using the Nagoya University Mail System from a website.

The drop-down menu of [Select a Domain Name] will be displayed here. The one to select varies by user. If you do not know which one to select, please access、【Limited to the University】 check.

Note: Currently, Japanese characters cannot be used for the web mail address book. It is under investigation by the server developer.

Mail Forwarding Configuration

If you configure emails sent to the mail address to be forwarded to another specified email address, please access the following URL.

A registered person, a non-registered person who is less than six months. (Nagoya University Mail Server – available):

A non-registered person who passed six months or more. (Nagoya University Mail Server – unavailable):

When transmission to the forwarding mail address is failed, an error mail is sent. The forwarding mail address is indicated on contents of a letter on an error mail. This is concerned with mechanism of automatic call-back transfer and an error mail by mail on the internet. It'll be the general specification. When setting a private mail address as a destination, please accept it about this point.

Use of a Spam Check Service

Spam Check with Nagoya University Mail


FAQ on Nagoya University Mail