Nagoya University Information Environment Master Plan 2010

The information environment of a university must meet high international standards in order to provide an excellent education and research environment while the different activities in a university spread and build close relationships not only in Japan but also internationally. For that reason, the Nagoya University Information Environment Master Plan 2010 was established for the entire University in March 2010. After repeated discussions, a plan was formed mainly by members of the Information Strategy Office, in order to define the order of priority of the diverse needs related to the information infrastructure, information services and their users and to create the necessary information environment effectively and economically while taking convenience, safety and reliability into consideration.

The Nagoya University Information Environment Master Plan 2010 is comprised of the six chapters listed below. The basic strategic goals and milestones are set for Phase I (from FY2010 through FY2015) and Phase II (FY2016 through FY2021) in accordance with the schedule of the mid- and long-term plan. The implementation status of the Plan is subject to evaluation as needed and to modify its goals. In the future, to reach the milestones, the Information & Communications must take the initiative to promote the building of the information environment with the cooperation and understanding of the entire University.

  1. Philosophy and Strategic Goals

    1. Current Status of Nagoya University
    2. Philosophy and Basic Policy for the Establishment of the Information Environment Master Plan
    3. Basic Strategies
  2. User-oriented (Basic Strategy 1)

    1. Visualization and Improvement of Education and Research
    2. Visualization and Upgrading of University Management
  3. Setting Milestones Based on the Long-term Vision (Basic Strategy 2)

    1. Results and Current Status
    2. Phase I Milestone: Promoting the Visualization of Education and Research and University Management
    3. Phase II Milestone: Support for Upgrading Education and Research and University Management
    4. Evaluation
  4. Upgrading the Implementation System (Basic Strategy 3)

    1. Operation System
    2. Securing and Training Personnel
    3. Research and Development Support System
    4. Expenditures
  5. Evaluation Index for Development of the Information Environment

  6. Postscript


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