Authentication Seed Registration to the Authentication Application

You can register your Authentication Seed to your Authentication Application from the Multi-Factor Authentication CAS Authentication Seed Management webpage.

To distribute Authentication Seeds safely, access to the Authentication Seed Management webpage is only allowed from the Nagoya University's network on campus excluding special case.(From February 17, 2022 to April 11, 2022, we are temporarily opening access from off-campus, please register as soon as possible)

Registering a new Authentication Seed to an Authentication Application

The following are registration procedures for common Authentication Applications. At a minimum, you only need to set up one of them. For convenience, it is OK to set up with multiple devices that you use regularly.
・(Registration to multiple terminals is possible by setting the QR code or authentication seed displayed on the authentication seed registration page for each device. However, the set seed cannot be displayed again, so if you want to register to a device that is physically distant, you need to record the authentication seed. )
Note that we recommend the use of Microsoft Autenticator(for smartphones).

Click the link below to play the video.

Below is a link to the WEB page.

You can use any Authentication Application if the application accepts the OATH-TOTP standard (time based) that updates in 30 second intervals. Please use the application that you find most convenient.

tips: "About Backups"

Especially when changing smartphone models, data is not automatically transferred, so you lose your authentication application settings and multi-factor authentication will no longer be available.
In such cases, CAS multi-factor authentication requires re-setup on campus. However, by keeping a backup of the authentication application, it may be possible to restore the application if it is accidentally deleted, or to transfer data in the event of a change of smartphone.
It is recommended that you back up your authentication apps so that you can restore them if they are accidentally deleted or if you change the model of your device.
Please refer to the bottom of each certification application setup procedure for details.

Multi-Factor Authentication Trial with your registered Authentication Seed

We have prepared a Multi-Factor Authentication CAS Trial webpage to carry out a trial run of the Multi-Factor Authentication CAS. Please conduct the trial following the instructions on the Trial Run of Multi-Factor Authentication CAS webpage.

Q&A about Authentication Seed registration

If you need help, please see the following QA
Question and Answer for Multi-Factor Authentication CAS

If you could not resolve problem with above Q & A, please ask question to IT Help Desk.