How to set up your information infrastructure environment at Nagoya University (for new students, staffs, and faculties)

Last update: March 2, 2022

Due to the Information Age, new members (students, faculties, and staffs) have to set up many information environments and finish many online trainings. Below are conclusion of mandatory set up and trainings. Please set up or challenge them from top to bottom.

Note that below Web pages are accessible from Web authentication NUWNET (SSID: nuwnet) without agreement to NUWNET terms of conditions. Thus you can perform set up with connecting your device to Web authentication NUWNET (connect to SSID: nuwnet and access below web pages without Web authentication).

  • Step 1: Information security training for new students(Only for new students)
    • Questions about quite basically information security knowledge.
    • Refer the link and challenge it.
    • If you have not finished this training, you cannot use information systems of the Nagoya University (e.g. Nagoya University Portal).
  • Step 2: Multi-Factor Authentication set up for Nagoya University ID
    • Multi-Factor Authentication CAS set up which is used for an authentication of Nagoya University Portal, NUCT, and so on.
    • Refer the link and set up Authentication App or register hardware token.
    • If you have not finish this set up, you cannot finish authentication when you use Nagoya University Portal and so on.
  • Step 3: Replace initial password
    • Some information services have a condition that you have replaced the initial password to use those information services.
    • Refer the link and replace with an enough strength password.
      • As described in Nagoya University Information Security Guideline, you have to create a password that satisfies "Larger than 8 characters including 3-category from Upper-case/Lower-case/numeric/symbol" rule.
      • You must not share the password with the other information services.
    • If you are not currently in Japan, please change your password after you arrive in Japan.
  • Step 4: Registration of an e-mail address for emergency contact
    • This is an e-mail address registration which is used for safety confirmation on disaster situation.
    • Refer the link and register an your e-mail address which you can receive and reply under emergency situation.
  • Step 5 : Multi-Factor Authentication set up for THERS account
    • Multi-Factor Authentication set up which is used for THERS contracted Microsoft 365 servers and THERS e-mail service.
    • Refer the link and set up Authentication App or register phone number
    • If you have not finish this set up, you cannot user THERS e-mail account (e.g. and so on.
    • Services based on Nagoya University ID will be migrated to THERS account with step-by-step migration.
  • Step 6: Annual Information Security Self Inspection
    • You have to perform self inspection annually which is reflecting most recent information security trend.
    • Refer the link and challenge it.
    • If you have not finished this self inspection until someday, after some warning, we tentatively stop your right to access information services.
  • Step 7: User registration of Nagoya University Wireless Network(NUWNET)
    • Your have to confirm NUWNET terms of conditions and register as an user.
    • Refer the link and go to NUWNET user web page, confirm NUWNET terms of conditions, and agree them.
    • If you have not agree them, you cannot user NUWNET (authentication will be failed).