The migration of the major information systems to Multi-Factor Authentication CAS

In recent years, many universities and other organizations suffer information flow due to illegal authentications based on simple ID and password authentication.
As a countermeasure, we migrate CAS (Central Authentication Service) of the major information systems to Multi-Factor Authentication CAS.

Systems to migrate

Nagoya University Portal (NU Portal),
Human Resources Management Web Service,
Financial Accounting System,
Learning Management System

Date of the migration

Thursday, February 24, 2022
The system are unavailable from 12:00 to 13:00.
After the restart, CAS requires you to input Authentication Code in addition to Nagoya University ID and password.
To obtain Authentication Code, please set up authentication application to your PC / smartphone, or register hardware token before the migration.

Set up procedure for Multi-Factor Authentication CAS

Please refer to Single Sign On with CAS Service webpage. We also prepared [PDF version of the webpage](/ja/services/nuid/CAS/pdfs/how_to_setup_MFA-CA
For those who have difficulties in setting up for Multi-Factor Authentication (to register an authentication seed to an authentication application, or application for registration of the hardware token), we will organize the setup help sessions where setup will be conducted under the assistance.


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