Greetings from the Director

Kazuya Takeda
Kazuya Takeda, Director of the Information & Communications
(Vice President, CIO and CISO, Nagoya University)

As the transformation and innovative development of communication and information processing services continue, it is desired that universities will provide "a campus where all university activities are information-supported with the latest technology," that is, "a cool digital university." In order to provide such an environment, the following is indispensable. To provide large-scale information services for education-research, and university management on a daily basis, to combat malicious information attacks, and to formulate and promote strategies for effectively utilizing limited resources in the future.

In April 2nd year of Reiwa, at Nagoya University on the occasion of the business integration with Gifu University, three organizations, "Information Technology Center", "Information Security Office", and "Information Strategy Office" cooperated and set up a system to accelerate the digitization of universities under "Information & Communications". The specific missions of the three organizations are as follows.

The Information Strategy Office plans and formulates comprehensive digital measures under the command of the director, and aims to realize them. In order to do that, we will efficiently allocate information-related budgets by grasping the needs of the university, investigating peripheral technologies, also grasping and analyzing the current status of related investments. In other words, we put continuously to optimize and efficiency of the on-campus information system and its utilization methods.

The Information Security Office monitors the network day and night and responds to security incidents first. It also collects information on cyber security and establishes a preventive system.

The Information Technology Center is a nationwide joint-use facility certified as a Joint Usage / Research Center by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It forms a Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures and contributes to the further advancement of academic / research infrastructure. Specifically, while operating an information network on campus and a supercomputer which is the joint usage facility, we are researching clinical information technology such as the design and operation of large-scale information networks and supercomputers in collaboration with related departments. In addition, it will carry out surveys, technical support, information literacy education, and enlightenment activities to promote the digitization of universities. Furthermore, Information and Communication Promotion Department which is the secretariat, manages and operates information-related work, etc. on the whole university in cooperation with the "Information and Communications", and provides information service work and informatization support work for education-research.

In the midst of drastic changes in the environment surrounding national universities, such as Japan's increasingly severe educational finance, population decline, and global competition between universities, Nagoya University "Information and Communications" has tried our best to realize a "cool digital university." We look forward to your continued cooperation and support in the future.