Members of Information Strategy Office

Director of Information Strategy Office Kensaku Mori Professor of the Graduate School of Informatics
Professor Yuichi Kaji  
Professor Shigeki Matsubara Graduate School of Informatics
Professor Takaaki Aoki  

Yuichi Kaji

Yuichi Kaji He is working on the long-term investigation of the Information Media Studies System, improvement of education scheme based on ICT, and the deployment of cloud-based services in the campus of the university. He is also studying Information Theory and Information Security, aiming to bridge the theoretical and fundamental investigations and practical services and technologies of today.

Shigeki Matsubara

Shigeki Matsubara For the purpose of enriching the information environment of Nagoya University, I am planning development of advanced information infrastructure and information services, management and utilization of research and education activity data, risk assessment through information security management, etc. Specializing in text analytics, valuing data, and information access, I am focused on emphasizing the evolution of information technology for university fields.

Takaaki Aoki

Takaaki Aoki He is involved in the evaluation and strategy development of information networks, information systems, and information services at Nagoya University and Tokai Higher National Education and Research System. His goal is a sophisticated information environment that combines physical and cyber spaces with diverse stakeholders inside and outside of the university to support world-leading higher education and academic research activities.