Campus Network (NICE)

NICE (Nagoya university Integrated Communication Environment is a campus wide information network of Nagoya University which supports education, research, and administration. NICE covers major campuses such as Higashiyama campus, Tsurumai campus, and Daikou campus, and connects them to the Internet through both SINET (Science Information NETwork) in Japan and Internet Service Provider.

NICE equips firewall, intrusion detection system, and anti-virus/spam-detection system for security measure. Also, to improve availability with redundancy, NICE places two super core switches in campus and connect individual core switch to both of them. NICE utilize 10GBASE-LR connection between core switches, super core switches, border switch, and SINET. Furthermore, NICE places access points of wireless LAN named Nagoya University Wireless Network in major buildings which authentication system is based on personal authentication.

NICE Framework

Other information