Information Technology Center, Nagoya University

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In an information society with advanced information and communication technologies, a university must be "a campus where information support is provided to all university activities" and a demand for enhancing this environment is strong. In order to stimulate education and research, it is essential to use, support and disclose information, while the forms of technology and service are rapidly becoming more advanced and complicated.

Nagoya University Information & Communications (IC) was established on April 1, 2006 as a central organization for resolving the issues mentioned above and the aim of Information & Communications is to facilitate the integration and streamlining of execution and service systems by planning the University's information strategy. On April 1, 2009, as the final step in the development of this organization, we established the Information Technology Center (ITC) as part of Information & Communications. The former Information Technology Center and the Center for Information Media Studies have been fully merged in order to enhance the functioning of our Information Strategy Office and to give strong support to high-tech and practical research.

The Information Technology Center, as part of the Information & Communications, Nagoya University, cooperates with the Information Strategy Office, Information Security Office and the Information Promotion Department in order to take responsibility for the development and stable operation of the information infrastructure. including supercomputers and networks for education and research at Nagoya University. The Information Technology Center also plays a role in the research and development of High Performance Computing technology in Japan as part of the Joint Use/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-Scale Information Infrastructures which consists of eight facilities, including the Information Technology Centers of seven largest national universities in Japan and the Tokyo Institute of Technology Global Scientific Information and Computing Center. They were originally National Joint-Use Facilities, became Joint Use/Research Centers during the last fiscal year and they provide not only support for users, but also engage in joint national research in cooperation with the Information Technology Centers of the eight universities.

History of ITC-NU Supercomputer system HPCI and JHPCN

Promotion Video of "Flow" (in Japanese)

Time-lapse movies of installation of Supercomputer "Flow"

Type I subsystem

Type II subsystem

Cloud system

Storage system