Using Information Technology in the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

With the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19), face-to-face meetings and events such as conferences are being canceled. Please consider using information technology so that education and research can continue.

Online Lecture Support

At Nagoya University, we operate NUCT as an online lecture support system. Instructors can use this system to distribute lecture materials to students, assign homework, conduct questionnaires, and communicate with students.

On March 23, 2020, we released an emergency tutorial explaining how to use NUCT and describing points of caution when making online educational materials. The slides and video from this tutorial are available on the Nagoya University Portal (Link here. Nagoya Univ. ID authorization is required).

Some mobile phone service companies have announced that they will offer support to students taking online lectures, such as free data traffic upgrades when the contractor or user is below a certain age. We have summarized each company’s communication fee support in the link below. (Information will be updated as needed.)

Summary of each company’s communication fee support for students taking online lectures (available only in Japanese)

Online Video Meetings

Please consider having online meetings instead of face-to-face meetings. There are some services where only the host member is required to register as a user, and other members can participate in online meetings by clicking on the URL sent from the user.

  • Skype(available only in Japanese)

  • Zoom(available only in Japanese)

  • WebEx

  • Teams

    If you cannot sign in to Teams, please refer to the attached flow chart.(available only in Japanese)

Online Storage

When sharing large files within the University or with researchers from other institutions, please use online storage services. NUSS can be used to share files via Nagoya University ID or a URL. When sharing via URL, even those who do not have a Nagoya University ID and Nagoya University students who cannot use NUSS can use shared folders created by the inviting users. It is also possible to limit access by setting a password, and the invited users may also upload files. In addition, OneDrive can also be used through Office 365 for Education.

Collaborative Creation of Documents Using Online Services

By using Office 365 for Education, documents can be created with multiple people collaborating at the same time. For example, multiple people can work at the same time to create a single Word file such as a single research report. Office 365 for Education is available to all Nagoya University members; however, faculty and staff members must obtain a Nagoya University email address. Similar collaborative functions are also available on Google Drive.

Chat Communication Tools

A chat function is available in Office 365 for Education in the form of the Teams service. In Teams, you can create groups and chat with other team members. In addition, while it is not currently officially supported by Nagoya University, Slack is another tool that can be used to enhance communication within a group.

If you cannot sign in to Teams, please refer to the attached flow chart.(available only in Japanese)

  • Slack

  • Skype(available only in Japanese)