Information Media Division

Research and development of educational learning support using information media

The Research Section for Educational Information Media aims to research and develop an information media education base, and operate and provide support for associated services. It is responsible for the stable operation and management of two education base systems, the information education base system and the information media studio, provided to all members of the university. In addition, the section collaborates with the Information Promotion Department on the important mission of conducting research and development concerning the construction and use of an ICT education environment. This contributes to the development of personnel who can think logically and imaginatively, through educational practice that emphasizes taking initiative. It also collaborates in research and education with the Architecture of Information Media Spaces course of the Graduate School of Information Science Department of Media Science.


(Nagoya University Open Course Ware)

Study of next-generation information media learning environments

Research is being conducted on next-generation university education information systems and the educational materials to be used with them, in order to contribute to future information media education systems. Furthermore, as can be seen from the arrival and rapid spread of high-performance mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, the informational environment of users is constantly changing, and we are also actively investigating the use of these kinds of new devices.


Learning using Tablets

Research on information technology and new learning theories

In addition to the traditional format of knowledge transmission through whole-class study and individual learning through independent study, attention in recent years has turned to collaborative learning, a form of learning done mainly through group activities. We are working on ways information technology can support these learning activities, in which diverse learners recognize each other as individuals and overcome differences in search of new values.


Meeting Support System