Outline of this Center

This Center provides supports for the informatization of various activities in the university as well as the development and operation of an infrastructure environment for them, in response to the remarkable progress of information science in recent years and the widespread usage of computers that has accompanied this progress.

On campus, the Center establishes and operates the Nagoya University Integrated Communication Network (NICE) as an advanced information infrastructure for education and research activities, while taking a role externally as a core base of the Science Information NETwork (SINET) in the Tokai region. This Center is one of the National Joint-Use Facilities equipped with some of the top supercomputers in the world and can respond to diverse and large volume computing demands from researchers.

As a center for the informatization strategies of Nagoya University, the Center engages not only in the development and operation of the information infrastructure, but also in research into the ideal Nagoya University of this informatization era as well as planning and considering how to provide safe and powerful informatization services. In addition, with regard to information resources, the Center cooperates with the Nagoya University Library and engages in research related to the University Portal, digital library, ubiquitous computing, large-scale distributed computation, educational content, etc. in order to advance the informatization of Nagoya University and make the University one of the most advanced information-intensive universities in the world.