Using of Office 365 Education at Nagoya University


Nagoya University introduced Office 365 Education which is a cloud service provided by Microsoft Corporation to campus-wide. It is available for free to all students, faculty, and staff of the university, if you have Nagoya University Mail address. Office 365 Education is slightly different from other Microsoft products which a large number of people are familiar with. Most of applications software are installed and used on your computer. These are desktop applications. These days, High-speed network has become common, it has been able to perform various processing data in a computer somewhere on the network. These are called cloud services. A web application is a computer program that run on a remote server to perform tasks over the internet. Only web applications of Office 365 are introduced this time, not included desktop applications.
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Outline of Office 365 Services

Word, Excel, PowerPoint for the web

 The program includes that document creating software: Word, spreadsheet programs: Excel, presentation software: Power Point for the web. Note: You can’t use the desktop version of these programs.


OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing and organizing information and data across all of your devices. It can be used OneNote by the installation of OneNote desktop app, even without being online.


OneDrive is an Internet-based storage service for hosting files in the cloud. It offers you a simple way to store, sync, and share your files from any device, anywhere.

Get a personalize email address with 50GB

As a benefit of Office 365 subscription, you can get a custom email address. In addition, 50GB of mailbox storage allows you to restore email to which a file a large capacitance is attached with security.

In Use of Office 365

Preparation and Confirmation

In order to use office 365, you must have a Nagoya University email address, and your password must be changed more than one time since 1st of October, 2013. If not, then please take the procedures for getting your Nagoya University email address, or changing your password.

To confirm your Nagoya University mail address

Access to password is required at login.) Your Nagoya University email address will be displayed when you have yours. If you do not have it, please apply from the above page.

To change your password of Nagoya ID

Follow the instructions on . There is a link to the changing password page on “Information and Communications” tab of Nagoya University portal web site.

After graduation (Left Nagoya University)
When your status changes such as graduation, or retirement, you will not be able to use Office 365 Education any more. Therefore, you should make sure to backup all your files from your school OneDrive before leaving the university. Because the license of Office 365 is based on a contract with Microsoft, and they require us to manage user eligibility in the university. Important to note that this service have no grace period, unlike the use of Nagoya University email which has 6 months grace period.

Sign in to Office 365 Education

You can use Office 365 Education basically on the web browser. (Except desktop Applications, like OneNote.) First, sign into the web page of Office 365, then use the services when portal screen is displayed. Although the operation has been confirmed on several browsers, it may not work correctly depending on your browser configuration or version. If any abnormal operation occurs, please try it on other browsers.


Access, enter the email address called ‘Office 365 address’ which is described below. (See Figure1)

  • Each single alphabetical character followed by the at-sign (@) is given to your Nagoya email address. Please add the number 0 with it.
  • Erase “mbox.”, and “ac.” in your Nagoya email address. (e.g.,⇒

(Figure 1) Sign-in Screen



When sign-in page of Nagoya University appears, please input your password of Nagoya ID. (See Figure 2)。

(Figure 2) Password Entry Screen



After sign-in is completed, Office 365 portal page will be displayed. You can access to the following frequently used functions easily from the tab at the top of this screen. (See figure 3)

  • Application starting tool (To access various services.)
  • Back button to return to Office365 portal page
  • Function buttons such as Notification, Setting, Help
  • Access to “My Account” page for managing user’s information

(Figure 3) Portal Screen


Word for the web (same for Excel and PowerPoint)

Click the Word icon on the portal or the application tool. You can operate the file in OneDrive (or other cloud storage) only. If the file you want to edit is not in OneDrive, please upload the file to OneDrive and then open it with Word for the web. When you are finished, close the web browser (save your file if needed).


OneDrive can be used from portal or the application tool as well as Word for the web. Please use the menus on the screen to upload, download, move or copy your file. You open the file of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and etc., you can edit them with Office for the web. Install the free OneDrive desktop app on your PC or smartphone and save your Office365 address, your file on the internet and those on your PC or smartphone will be automatically synchronized. Synced files can be referenced and edited without connecting to a network, and the edited contents are automatically reflected to your file on the internet. OneDrive app can be downloaded from the Windows Store, APP Store, Google Play, Office 365 Education portal screen, etc. (It may have been installed by default on Windows PC) During the installation of the app (or first boot), you need to setup the Office 365 address to be synced, and the folder in OneDrive that will be automatically synced. At the first sync, a huge amount of data communication might be needed or it might take a long time to complete. We recommend that you work in a stable communication environment and take enough time. OneDrive, you can choose the files or folders to share with others. However, if you make a mistake in the setting, the information may be exposed, or edited arbitrarily. So please be careful to use the sharing function.


OneNote is available for both the web version and desktop app, like OneDrive. But as of March 2018, this app seemed not to be downloadable from the Office365 Education’s portal, so please download from Windows Store, App Store, Google Play, etc.


By starting Outlook from the portal screen or application launcher in the web browser, you can send and receive emails. Office 365 address is your sending and receiving address. When you select “Mail” from “Setting” on the portal screen, you can check or change the detailed setting of your mail account. (See figure 4)

(Figure 4) email account setting


You can also read and write emails based on Office 365 Education with the mail software which you’re always using. Please refer to the following for the specific setting method. Please use Office 365 address for setting up the email based on Office 365 instead of Nagoya University mail address.

  • Incoming server:
      - Server hostname:
      - protocol IMAP over SSL (Port:993)
  • Outgoing server:
      - Server hostname:
      - protocol SMTP over TLS (Port:587)


Office 365 Education is a collection of various services, and provide you with extensive functions. These service contents are constantly updated, so it is difficult to make a manual. There is many information on the internet. Please collect information by yourself and use it well. Official support page: Office 365 Education is a cloud service provided by Microsoft Corporation. So, our support is very limited. In principle, please note that IT Help Desk does not accept your inquiries regarding the method of use and troubles, after sigh in to Office 365 Education Portal. Only when you cannot sigh in to the Office365 Education because of our setting, IT Help Desk will support you.